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Who has ever wanted to meet a magician? For most people, meeting a magician live is still a new and exciting situation that has been eagerly anticipated. It is just a different thing when your own thoughts are read or you realize that the magic trick seen on television was not just photo manipulation after all.

Roaming mental magician is a stylish companion who moves from table to table or group to group, performing for small groups at a time. Alternatively, wonders can occur at a fixed location, to which all those interested in mysteries are welcome to marvel.

In the feedback I have received, guests have often mentioned how fun they have experienced it when the magician has come to perform right in front of their eyes. In addition, many clients have praised how easily the wandering magician can be fitted into the rest of the program. This way, the event always has a micro-program going on, ensuring that everyone feels good.

“Miika’s distinctive style of magic makes audience really think about the tricks. But more they think about it, more impossible it seems. He is capable of entertaining even more demanding audiences.”

– Michal Spotkay, Founder, Prague Magic Bar Illusion

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The brand new Mentalmagic show is the crown jewel of my act, featuring the most impactful illusions I’ve come across. My performance not only bends your guests’ perception of reality, but also forces them to question what the human mind is capable of. All of this is done with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in my eye.

The focus of my show is your guests themselves, and what their personalities bring to the performance. As a result, each show is a truly unique experience that has proven to be an excellent icebreaker, releasing the atmosphere of any event.

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By clicking the button, you can learn more about me as a magician, my awards, and feedback I’ve received. Additionally, you can read answers to frequently asked questions.

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Price calculator for companies 2023

Many finnish corporate clients have expressed the desire for my performance fee to be visible for ease of interaction.

For this purpose, a convenient fee calculator was created which gives an immediate price offer. Combine entertainment package that suits your business needs, which can include showmagic and strolling close-up magic.

NOTE! Separate pricing for private customers – read more by clicking here.

If you book the performance on weekdays (Mon-Thu), you will receive a 15% discount.


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