For these reasons, I don’t perform for children

All of my entertainment are aimed at a more mature audience, at least 15 years of age. In this writing, I will open up about the reasons behind this decision. In addition, I will explain why I have set the recommended age limit to 15.

It is important to emphasize from the beginning that the content of my shows are not inappropriate or include themes that would not be suitable for children to present. On the contrary, children are often following my performances, for example at family celebrations. In addition, I feel very comfortable with children as a person.

The setting of recommended age limit is more about what audience my performance material works best for.


At the beginning of my career, I accepted a booking to perform at 7-year-old’s birthday party. From the perspective of a magician, the performance flowed elegantly to the finish. For the birthday hero and his friends, the situation was completely opposite – they did not seem to be at all excited about the tricks.

After the performance, the boys just clapped unenthusiastically. I wondered about this greatly, as even according to today’s standards, I presented them some really high-class magic tricks. I was eager to pack my magic kit so that I could leave the place as quickly as possible.

Just before I left the place, the birthday hero’s father came to me and said, “I will remember for the rest of my life what you just showed us. I have never seen anything so cool!” In other words, my show was not bad, but the target audience was just wrong.


In terms of developmental psychology, a small child has a poorly developed ability to understand reality and understand what is possible. This reality perception is well described by my sister’s child’s comment years ago about a coin trick: “There’s nothing amazing about it, you just have the ability to make money appear out of thin air!”

The youngest children live constantly in a magical world where “real magic” is possible. Therefore, they are not very surprised when something happens that seems completely impossible to an adult. And since the entertainment value of my magic is based precisely on the power of mystery, it is not ideal for children.

Good children’s magic is definitely a discipline in which different things are emphasized than in magic performed for a mature audience. A good example is the magician’s fooling around and repetition during the process of the trick. For example, the magician slips on the same banana peel three times in a row and children enjoy it.

The ability to distinguish border between the impossible and possible, develops according to the experience of many magicians around the age of 10 to the point where the child can first and foremost appreciate impossibility of the tricks.


A child’s focusing ability may not always be sufficient to follow the magic performance, which involves remembering and internalizing many things. This is emphasized in children’s parties where the chaotic atmosphere creates many interruptions or other distractions.

Good children’s magic is often faster and more visual than what I perform. In addition, it contains many questions and other ways of involving children to keep the audience’s focus.

My magic requires the audience to have the ability to think deeply and have an appropriate level of education. Therefore, not much would come out of the performance if the audience’s focus would fade every 3 seconds. Not that especially today’s adult’s ability to concentrate is much better.

I have therefore chosen only performance material that stimulates those over 15 years of age continuously so that smartphones are definitely left in pockets.


I finally ended up with the age limit 15 first and foremost because, based on my experience, this age group of young people has sufficient education and behavior. Of course, I have met many 10-year-old children who are more educated and well-behaved than many 18-year-olds, but I am talking about a general level.

15-year-olds are also clearly more interested in the themes I deal with in my psychological magic. Thus, the material I present works and is interesting to watch for both younger and older audiences.


Children are wonderful creatures and therefore they absolutely deserve top-class magicians for their celebrations. You should choose an artist who provides magic entertainment specifically for them, so that everyone is happier.

My performances are still welcome to be watched by all ages, as always. However, I reserve the right not to allow my performance to keep a younger audience seated for more than 10 seconds. To the older audience, I promise with a satisfaction guarantee to offer world-class mystery entertainment that will definitely get your socks spinning.

I hope you got a sufficient comprehensive answer to the question of why you shouldn’t get in touch with me for children’s events.

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