I have been working as a professional magician since 2016 and have executed 80-100 performances annually since then. This makes me one of the most sought-after magicians in Finland.

My programs are tailored for a more mature audience, specifically those aged 15 and above. However, this doesn’t mean that the youngest members of the family cannot attend my performances.

I have delivered performances for various clients, ranging from international corporations to private individuals. In addition to domestic engagements, my magic has led me to perform in increasingly exotic locations, from European magic clubs to the jungles of Africa.

My psychological magic is highly interactive, and I involve one or more assistants in each part of my show. The selection of assistants for the acts occurs naturally as the performance progresses.

No, I don’t. Occasionally, for comedic effect, I may playfully respond to something amusing an assistant says or does, but I never intentionally embarrass anyone. I maintain a tasteful demeanor and behave professionally in all types of events. Representing my clients with dignity is a matter of great importance to me.


If the event venue lacks a sound system, I have my own sound system for all events with fewer than 150 people. For larger events, the sound system is arranged according to the agreement.

My performances are suitable for almost all types of events because my programs can be very flexibly tailored to the client’s needs and the nature of the occasion.

I have presented my performances in various venues, ranging from private individuals’ living rooms to large ice arenas.

My performance is not available for preview. Each show is a unique experience, and there is no identical performance since every show is tailored to the specific occasion and audience.


Payment for the performance is made after the completed show. You can settle the payment through an invoice, in cash, or even by credit card. Typically, the payment period for the invoice is 14 days, but specific payment terms can be agreed upon separately. If needed, I also accept installment arrangements.

I adhere to the general cancellation terms in the event industry. The client can cancel the performance without charges up to 30 days before the agreed-upon performance date. If the client cancels the performance later, the artist is entitled to the performance fee, even if the performance doesn’t take place.

As an artist, I have never canceled a scheduled performance myself. In those extremely rare situations where I am unable to carry out the performance due to illness, I promise to arrange a suitable replacement artist for you – leveraging my extensive networks in the event industry.


I hope that someone from the event organizers will be there to welcome me when I arrive.

Backstage is a private space where a performer can prepare for the show in peace. Typically, any venue has a room or at least a corner designated for this purpose. But if the space is unified, and the performance is a surprise for the guests, I can also prepare for my act outside the venue.

In principle, nothing specific, but if it’s possible to influence, I would appreciate mineral water or coffee. If there’s a meal arranged at the venue, we can discuss that separately.

Usually, the entertaining act begins with the event host introducing the next performer to the audience. If there is no designated person for this task on-site, I am happy to introduce myself.

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Fill out the contact form, I usually respond within an hour. But if an hour is too long, you can call me directly at: +358 44 532 3433.

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