I have been working as a professional magician since 2016 and have performed 80-100 shows per year since then. By January 1, 2023, I had performed 479 paid shows, making me one of the most sought-after magicians in Finland.

I am a two-time champion of the Finnish Restaurant Magic Championship (2019, 2017). This is the only magic competition in Finland where the winner is decided by lay judges.

My shows are aimed at a more mature audience, at least 15 years of age or older. If you want to read more about it, check out the following article by clicking here.

My psychological magic is exceptionally interactive and I utilize one or more assistants in each performance.

No. I may occasionally pick up on a funny thing that the assistant says or does for comedic effect, but I never embarrass anyone intentionally. I strive to be a stylish companion and behave properly in all sorts of situations. Representing my clients with dignity is close to my heart.

In the following article, I will explain 3 good reasons why to choose a magician. You can read it by clicking here.


Almost any kind of event, as my shows are very flexible and easy to tailor to the customer’s needs and the occasion.

I have performed in all kinds of venues, from private living rooms to large ice halls. So there are plenty of opportunities.

I am ready to go with short notice, as long as my calendar is available.

My performance is not available to watch in advance. And since each show is unique, there is no two performances that are the same.

Recording my performance on video or sharing it in real time is prohibited. Taking pictures is however allowed and even recommended.


If you are wondering what all affects the price of a professional magician, you can check out this article by clicking here.

You can check my corporate gig prices freely through the price calculator. For private clients, I perform shows according to the agreement. You can access the price calculator for corporates by clicking here.

I am profiled as an entertainer for the business world. I only perform a handful of private commissions per year – and all of those are selectively and carefully chosen.

Typically, the payment due date is 14 days, but payment terms can be agreed separately. I also accept installment arrangements if needed.

I will send the invoice after the completed gig and usually write the invoice one week after the performance day.

The booking can be canceled without charge up to 30 days before the agreed performance day. In any other case, I will invoice the performance fee in full, even if the event does not take place.


I hope that one of the organizers will be facing me when I arrive at the venue.

Backstage is a private space where performer can prepare for their performance in peace. Usually there is a room or at least a corner for this purpose in each venue. But if backstage is unavailable, I can also prepare for my performance in my car.

If it is possible to influence this, I would like mineral water and coffee. If there is catering at the event, it can be agreed upon separately.

I have my own sound system for events with less than 200 people. For larger events, the sound system is determined by agreement.

Typically, I don’t need any technology from the side of the event organizers. Large productions are always determined by agreement.

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Send a message, I usually respond within an hour. But if an hour is too long, you can call me directly: 044 532 3433.