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Professional of wonders

My name is Miika Korkatti, and I am 31-year-old professional magician from Tampere, Finland. I rose to prominence in the Finnish magic scene in 2017 by winning my first national championship with only four years of experience as a magician. To date, no other magician has achieved the same feat.

Over the years, I have continued to win several more awards and become a familiar face in the Finnish business world. Since 2016, I have been performing 80-100 gigs per year, making me one of the most sought-after professional magicians in Finland.

Based on my observations, two key factors have historically influenced my success:

1. Professionalism


I have been endlessly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind since the beginning of my career. Can thoughts be read? Can choices be influenced without anyone noticing? How can seemingly impossible feats of the mind be created?

In my award-winning psychological magic, I blend classical sleight of hand with modern mentalism in a way that no other magician performs in Finland. With carefully crafted performance material, I create intellectually stimulating entertainment that challenges traditional perceptions of magicians.

“High-quality performance. I don’t recall ever hearing such overwhelming feedback before. Other magicians have performed in our premises.” 
– Anonymous business customer, Korkatti’s satisfaction survey 2022

2. Human connection


I have always been exceptionally people-oriented and enjoyed social situations. For this reason, performing has never been just an act for me – it’s also genuine presence and connection between people.

It’s characteristic of me to make a lot of contact with the audience, ensuring that everyone enjoys their time. Additionally, I consistently involve members of the audience in my tricks, allowing people to experience being at the center of magical moments.

“Miika doesn’t remain distant, and on top of that, he has a BIG HEART!”
– Anonymous business customer, Korkatti’s satisfaction survey 2022

Origin story

Calling of a magician

Unlike most magicians, my first encounter with magic happened in adulthood. In 2013, at the age of 20, I encountered a skilled close-up magician at a social gathering, and the magic I experienced shook my entire worldview.

Emotions I experienced that evening have significantly influenced how I believe magic should look as an art form. Prior to that, I had perceived magic mostly as cheap tricks and gimmicks, suitable at best for children. If you’ve ever seen a magician yourself, you might well recognize this perception. However, what I experienced at that gathering was far from these associations.

The intensity of the experience is evident from the fact that the very next day, I began a passionate study of magic. I am living proof of how an encounter with the impossible can change the course of life – in my case, the world of magic swept over me like a tsunami. I felt compelled to learn the skills and abilities that would enable me to offer the same magical experience to others.

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