We protect your data in accordance with laws and regulations. We will update this statement as necessary.

1. Data Controller

p. +358 44 532 3433, Data protection responsible is Miika Korkatti

Inquiries about data protection and requests for removal from the register can be sent to taikuri@miikakorkatti.com

2. Purpose of the Register

We refer to the register as the Miika Korkatti customer register. Access to personal data in the register is limited to employees of the company and the manager of Miika Korkatti. Access by the manager is only allowed to the extent that it is necessary for the company’s business.

The processing and storage of the information in the register is based on either a contractual relationship with Miika Korkatti, the individual’s consent or the company’s legitimate interest in collecting information as a requirement for business operations. The registered person may at any time request correction, correction, deletion or see what information about him or her has been stored. The registered person has all rights under the data protection regulations.

– Email addresses will not be disclosed to third parties.

– The information in the register is used as follows:

– Maintenance of customer relationships

– Marketing of Tmi Miika Korkatti

– Processing of orders and contacts

– Invoicing

– Customer service

3. What is collected in the register and hlow the information is obtained? 

Name, address, telephone number, email and billing information. The information is obtained from contacts with Miika Korkatti’s website, request for quotation, newsletter subscription form, orders, customer meetings and agreements.

4. Information disclosure

The information is processed only within Tmi Miika Korkatti and in a contractual relationship with the manager. The information will not be disclosed to third parties, outside the EU or otherwise to outsiders.

5. Data protection

The information is stored carefully behind passwords and user IDs on a server. The only machine where the information is physically loaded is Miika Korkatti’s work machine. The computer is protected by a password. If new employees or staff changes are made to the company, passwords are also updated. The same applies to the manager’s state. If the manager changes, the passwords of the devices, servers and email addresses used are updated.

6. Storage Period

The information is stored with the customer’s permission as long as the customer relationship is considered active. The requirement of bookkeeping laws is that the information must be stored for 5 years from the confirmed financial statement. After the end of the customer relationship, the information is stored for a maximum of 36 months based on a legitimate interest. In this sense, some of the information is stored in accordance with these laws and regulations.