Satisfaction survey 2022

I sent out a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey on November 14, 2022, to receive feedback from past gigs and measure the satisfaction of my customers with the services I provide.

I sent the customer satisfaction survey to customers from 2017 to 2022 who had booked a gig and whose 1) contact information I had on file 2) emails were still valid.

All responses were anonymous to make the study as reliable as possible.

The most important questions in the customer survey were the following:

  • What were the decisive reasons for choosing magician Miika Korkatin?
  • Did the magician’s visit meet your expectations? What feedback would you give on the performance?
  • In your opinion, was the performance-price ratio good? (Yes/No/Other:)
  • Would you recommend magician Miika Korkatin’s services if someone asked you for your opinion? (scale 1-10)
  • What adjectives would you use to describe Miika’s performance and presentation?


Based on the responses, the most important reasons customers chose me to perform were recommendations they heard from others, my personality, and reliability (question 1).

When the survey explored the customers’ satisfaction with my performance (question 2), even 100% of respondents said that my performance met or exceeded their expectations.

In addition to satisfaction, all business customers considered my performance-price ratio to be good (question 3).

The average score with which my customers would recommend me was 9.2 (question 4).

At the end of the survey, when describing my performance and presentation (question 5), customers used the words “situational awareness,” “engaging,” “amazing,” and “confident” most often.

From the above readings, these warm the mental magician’s heart:

  • 100% feel the magician met expectations

  • 100% consider the performance-price ratio to be good

  • Recommended with a score of 9.2 / 10


“Every performance has been exactly what was ordered. Performances have been at the top level!”

“You can always expect something new and surprising from Miika. We’ve never been disappointed!”

“The performance won over even the most skeptical engineer in the audience. Miika is a memorable performer and really entertaining with his presence and jokes!”

“A good performer always takes the stage no matter what the crowd is like. Here Miika succeeded. Engaging and funny amazement from start to finish.”

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