SHOWMAGIC FOR corporates


My latest Mentalmagic show is my crown jewel, where I have selected the most impressive tricks I have encountered. My performance not only bends your guests reality, but also forces them to question what the human mind is capable of. I do all of this with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in my eye.

The focus of my performance is your guests, and what their personalities bring to the show. Therefore, each performance is a truly unique experience, proven to be an excellent icebreaker, freeing up the atmosphere of any event.

Because the entertainment value of my program relies on the interaction between the performer and the audience, my performance is suitable for both intimate auditorium environments and large stages. It holds firmly onto both small and large groups, ensuring that there is plenty to talk about even after the long journey home.

“Miika’s distinctive style of magic makes audience really think about the tricks. But more they think about it, more impossible it seems. He is capable of entertaining even more demanding audiences.”

– Michal Spotkay, Founder, Prague Magic Bar Illusion




If you want to offer your guests a comprehensive experience, I recommend adding a roaming mentalmagician to the showmagic. Then, I move as a stylish companion from table to table or from group to group, performing close-up magic for a small group at a time.

In the feedback I have received, it has often been mentioned how fun the guests have found it when the magician has come directly in front of their eyes even after the performance. Additionally, many clients have praised how well the roaming works during other program.

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Magician behind the magic

By clicking the button, you can learn more about me as a magician, my awards, and feedback I’ve received. Additionally, you can read answers to frequently asked questions.

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Price calculator for finnish companies 2023

Many finnish corporate clients have expressed the desire for my performance fee to be visible for ease of interaction.

For this purpose, a convenient fee calculator was created which gives an immediate price offer. Combine entertainment package that suits your business needs, which can include showmagic and strolling close-up magic.

NOTE! Separate pricing for private customers – read more by clicking here.

If you book the performance on weekdays (Mon-Thu), you will receive a 15% discount.


Message me, I usually get back to you in an hour. But if an hour is too long, you can call me directly: 044 532 3433.