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Over the years, I have increasingly become a performer in the business world, as a result of which the number of private customers in my calendar has been steadily declining. This is a shame, as I still greatly enjoy performing private gigs.

From the perspective of a professional performer, the biggest challenge for private gigs is the available budget. Ordinary people rarely have the means to invest in similar sums for hiring a performer, unlike businesses. For this reason, I have developed a completely new approach to serving private clients.

Nowadays, I perform for private parties selectively, based on what kind of event it is and how I see myself as part of it. The gigs that I decide to perform and that fit into my gig calendar, I do at a significantly lower price than my list prices.

So, if you have a wedding, a birthday or even a party coming up, feel free to inquire about how the mental magician could be used. Describe your event and budget at the same time. Perhaps I could bring my psychological magic to your enjoyment as well.

“Miika’s distinctive style of magic makes audience really think about the tricks. But more they think about it, more impossible it seems. He is capable of entertaining even more demanding audiences.”

– Michal Spotkay, Founder, Prague Magic Bar Illusion



showmagic for privates

Mentalmagic -show

The brand new Mentalmagic show is the crown jewel of my act, featuring the most impactful illusions I’ve come across. My performance not only bends your guests’ perception of reality, but also forces them to question what the human mind is capable of. All of this is done with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in my eye.

The focus of my show is your guests themselves, and what their personalities bring to the performance. As a result, each show is a truly unique experience that has proven to be an excellent icebreaker, releasing the atmosphere of any event.

Duration: About 30 minutes

Close-up magic for corporates

Strolling mentalmagician

If you want to offer your guests a comprehensive experience, I recommend adding a roaming mentalmagician to the showmagic. Then, I move as a stylish companion from table to table or from group to group, performing close-up magic for a small group at a time.

In the feedback I have received, it has often been mentioned how fun the guests have found it when the magician has come directly in front of their eyes even after the performance. Additionally, many clients have praised how well the roaming works during other program.

Duration: 1 – 3 hours

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